Passionate About Racing

Passionate About Racing



HB Cycle was founded by people who love racing motorcycles. Phil, at the age of 23, had pretty much given up on the dream of road-racing motorcycles and was content to be a spectator. While walking through the pits at Shannonville Motorsport Park, Linda and Phil noticed a sad looking bike set off at the edge of a rider’s pit with a for sale sign hung on it. The bike was over ten years old and considered obsolete, but the asking price was only $1,000. Linda saw the look on Phil’s face and offered to buy the bike with her tax return. The rest is history.

The bike was old and Phil was not fast but he was out on the track fulfilling a lifelong dream. Shortly thereafter, HB Cycle was born and one of the things HB has done from opening day is to assist racers of all types. Phil continued to race when time allowed and has been lucky enough to ride on some of the nicest tracks in North America. The track called to him again this past summer, and after a ten-year hiatus, Phil, was back roadracing on a Yamaha FZR 600 with parts manager, John Crossley.

at-the-race-trackSpeaking of John, or “The Croz”, as he is known at the track, this Englishman is fast and smooth. He also is well known at the track for helping other riders with his mechanical skill. John, Phil and Doug Andrich won their class this season in the Vintage Road Racing Endurance series on their Yamaha 600.

One of the greatest racers Phil and Linda ever met was their good friend, Steve Wright. One of their very first customers and an old friend, Steve became interested in racing, and Phil shared all the knowledge and experience he could. It quickly became apparent that Steve had what it took to be a great racer. In 1991, as HB cycle became busier, Phil was forced to park his bike to concentrate on running the business. However, Steve carried on, becoming an accomplished racer, and winning a national championship.

Phil’s fondest memory with Steve was when they were racing mini 50cc motorcycles. In the final corner Steve veered off the pavement and rode through the grass to make a pass on Phil. “I was close enough to hear him laugh as he passed me. He was giggling like a school girl the entire way,” Hodgson remembers. “The next time I heard him laugh that hard, I was lying on the side of a race track after crashing during warm-up. He gave me a ride back to the pits, again, giggling all the way.” Sadly, Phil’s friend was killed in a street riding accident years later. Steve, “The Racin’ Mason Wright”, will always have a place in the HB family’s heart.

In the off-road side of things, the HB team has gravitated towards ATV Motocross racing. Highly modifi ed ATVs race on Motocross tracks across the country. Several of the HB staffers have enjoyed ATV racing including sales manager Kevin’s kids, Keegan and Hunter Bates, as well as mechanic Brent Dawson-Muckian and former mechanic, Justin Van Gennip.

Ben Hodgson has enjoyed great success in ATV racing in the past ten years, in the CMRC provincial ATV series. He has worked his way from minis all the way to the pro level. His career highlights include racing at Montreal Super cross, Unadilla, New York’s AMA Nationals, and performing regularly in “Quad Wars” at Monster Jam shows across the province. Ben is known for being a great mentor for the racing youth and even teaches his own race schools for young riders. What the Hodgsons love most about racing on pavement, dirt or snow is the camaraderie in the pits and the lifelong friendships made by sharing experiences. HB Cycle was started with a passion for racing and the competitive spirit remains alive to this day. HB will continue to support grass-roots racing and racing of all kinds into the future.

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